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How to Avoid the Five Most Common Causes of Breakdown

No one likes to be stranded on the highway; it’s both inconvenient and dangerous.  Fortunately most breakdowns are avoided with proper maintenance and timely repair.  The five most common causes of breakdowns are:

  • Out of gas
  • A dead battery
  • A flat tire
  • An overheated engine
  • The engine stalled and won’t restart

Out of gas is easy to avoid – fill the tank before it drops below ¼ full.  At El Dorado Hills Car Care we will fill your tank for you at Self Serve prices when we service your car.

A dead battery can usually be avoided by replacing it before its fourth birthday and by having it load tested and the cables checked regularly.  At El Dorado Hills Car Care we inspect battery cables and load test the battery as part of your oil and lube service.  We don’t want you stranded due to a failed battery.

A flat tire can often be avoided by visually inspecting tires and checking air pressures.    Removing a sharp object from a tire before it pierces the inner liner will avoid a flat.  A tire that has noticeably less air in it than its mates means that it will likely go flat if it’s not fixed. Tires worn to less than 4/32 on an inch of tread are much more likely to suffer flats, provide less traction, and do not ride as well as tires with good tread.  At El Dorado Hills Car Care we visually inspect your tires and check air pressures as part of your oil and lube service.  Flat tires are patched from the inside, not plugged, for a proper long lasting repair.  We don’t want you suffering a dangerous flat tire or blow out.

An overheated engine is the number one cause of major engine repair. Proper maintenance will virtually eliminate overheating problems.  Belts, hoses and coolant wear out and must be checked and replaced on a regular basis.  At El Dorado Hills Car Care we inspect the cooling system as part of your oil and lube service.  We would rather have you spend a relatively small amount for maintenance than spend over $1,000 for major engine repair.  By the way, if your engine does overheat, exit safetly and immediately turn off your engine. Do not try to drive to a place of repair.

Engine stalling and failure to restart can almost always be avoided with regular maintenance and timely repairs, fixing small problems before they become big ones.  At El Dorado Hills Car Care we recommend following your manufacturer’s “severe or normal service” maintenance schedules, and we look for things that are about to fail as part of your oil and lube service.  Bring in your vehicle right away when you notice a funny noise or if you think it’s handling differently.  In many cases you’ll save time and money.

Virtually all breakdowns will be avoided with proper maintenance and prompt repair.

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